The CBGuard works similar to X-ray systems in health diagnostics and at airports. Its main components: a generator-tube module, customized for best image quality and excellent performance, best-in- class X-ray intensity and high reliability; a state-of-the-art multi-channel DH signal acquisition system; a high-precision A/D converter enabling seamless photography.
The generator produces artificial X-rays from electricity, with the ionising rays penetrating the moving conveyor belt and then hitting the receiver module – an amorphous silicon imaging field. It is a process like that of photo diodes in a digital camera. Countless, seamless images are continuously generated and defined by CBGuard’s intelligent software – based on advanced face and palmprint recognition algorithms – checking the condition of the belt, while accounting for the individual structure, size, color and position of deviations, and reporting them as a specific event (eg damage).
Level 1 No damage as per the programmed threshold detected. The safety of the belt is not compromised.
Level 2 Moderate damage detected. The damage should be examined on occasion.
Level 3 Severe damage detected. Alert sent to maintenance personnel. The damage must be examined immediately.
Level 4 Threatening damage detected. Alert sent to maintenance personnel. CBGuard stops the conveyor automatically if programmed accordingly.